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As used in construction applications, composite materials are produced in roll form much like familiar

fabrics.  Also referred to as Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP), composite materials are used to strengthen

and augment both new and existing structures in a wide variety of ways.  Simply described, FRP is a

series of tightly woven fiber materials manufactured in a crosshatch pattern many times stronger than



Following extensive analysis performed by a licensed professional engineer, FRP is applied to the surface

of structural components via a wrapping process, in conjunction with an extremely high strength,

aerospace quality adhesive designed specifically for this purpose.


Often referred to as “External Rebar”, FRP encases existing load-bearing members that affords them

much greater strength, resiliency and the ability to maintain functionality against a wide variety of

conditions and hazards that include change of use, age and deterioration, as well as earthquake, fire,

terrorist activity and soil subsidence.


Structures that may take advantage of FRP include columns, walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, building

foundations, above ground and buried liquid storage tanks, utility vaults, utility conduits, water and

wastewater pipes, gas lines, pipelines of almost every description, roadways, bridges, parking structures,

telecommunications facilities, waterworks, dams, and many other applications.


FRP is the answer to help rebuild America’s crumbling and aging infrastructure.  In Los Angeles,

thousands of existing buildings are in dire need of seismic retrofit to prevent collapse in the event of a

future major earthquake. Using modern engineering and installation techniques we are able to give many

additional years of life by retrofitting structures and help prevent serious injury and death to building

occupants and users in the event of disaster and/or mishap due to age and overuse.  Around the country,

in addition to buildings, countless instances of public works projects are in need of extensive retrofitting

and repair.  Composites offer solutions to many complex problems.


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