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The objective of our company is to bring state-of-the-art, innovative solutions to improve and enhance the

structural integrity of both new and existing buildings, essential public works and critical infrastructure.

The most important part of our mission is the ability to help safeguard human lives.


Over the past two decades a disturbing trend has become abundantly clear; America’s once robust

infrastructure is fast crumbling due to age, overuse and neglect.  To summarize, much of America that

was built in the prior century is simply worn out and in desperate need of replacement, extensive

renovation or repair. Essential maintenance in many areas has been deferred for so long it can no longer

be ignored.  Major news stories appear almost weekly regarding the failure of roads, bridges, railroad and

airport facilities, commercial and public buildings, in addition to critical pipelines. Collectively, it is

estimated that to bring America’s crumbling infrastructure up to standard will require several trillion dollars

over the next 30 years.  In most cases, funding remains the primary obstacle.


Traditionally, when various buildings, roadways, bridges and other structures had exceeded their useful

lives, they were simply torn down, dismantled and replaced. Today, due to budget and use constraints,

owners, utilities and government agencies no longer have that option.  Not only is there a lack of available

funding, it has become obvious due to constant ongoing dependency and use, taking critical facilities out

of service even for short periods of time is simply out of the question.  The cost to the economy, as well

as substantial disruption to people’s lives, is beyond measure.


We offer innovative and exciting solutions to overcome these significant obstacles and provide an

excellent return on investment.  Employing advanced engineering and materials science technology,

gained through military and aerospace applications, we now have the ability to incorporate composite

materials in a wide variety of applications to strengthen, renovate and repair existing structures at a highly

competitive cost over traditional techniques as well as offer minimal disruption to users and occupants.

Clearly, composites are the construction materials of the future. 


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